what is a bloom booster?

bloom booster

It is a 100% fruiting booster and organic bloom acting as a powerful and natural explosive stimulator for massive fruiting and flowering booster. Bloom booster increases mineral uptake and metabolic activity by utilizing organic transport and bio-stimulant enhancers (not synthetic PGRs). Because of that, it induces dense, abundant floral clusters during essential fruiting and flowering phases.

The results are more flavourful fruits and spectacular flowering. The best thing about this product is that it works naturally and allows crops or plants to show the best out of their genetic potential. Also, it is essential for the flowering phase regardless of the plant.

bloom booster

Using procedures

It is important to use only during flowering or fruiting stages. It can be used as a foliar spray after diluting by adding nutrient solution or water:

• Foliar spray: 3millilitre per litre
• Solution: 3 to 5 millilitre per litre

Bloom booster can be used in all nutrients, flowering plants, and substrates in the outdoor and hydrophilic garden. It is available in different amounts from 0.5 litres, 1 litre, 5 litre, to 10 litre.

Bloom booster is considered any fertilizer with a high phosphorous level regardless of what it is called in the label. The different manufacturers have different formulations for bloom boosters. Plants need phosphorous along with other important nutrients. Therefore, supplying this product will help raise the phosphorus level in the soil, hence facilitating flowering and fruiting.

Most boosters contain some minor nutrients alongside potassium and nitrogen. Therefore, it will help fix any nutrient deficiency in the soil to make the plant do well during the fruiting and flowering stages. However, adding a booster to the soil that already has a high level of phosphorus will not enhance blooming. So, bloom boosters are most important in areas with low phosphorus levels to help in the fruiting and flowering of plants.

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